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This a started with an idea: UAV Pilots know that when you’re flying, people rudely come up and ask you the same dumb questions all the time. And as rude, or polite as you are to deflect them, they’ll persist. So I joked that I was going to make a shirt with the answers to those questions you never get sick of being asked: How much did it cost? How far does it fly? How fast does it go? Not that they’d heed the written warning. A year later I was working on branded shirts for my company Dronewrx, but those 3 question and answers were a bit too much on a shirt, so I came up with a play on the iconic 70’s bumper sticker “If this van is a-rockin’, don’t come to a knockin'”. One thing leads to another, and so it began…

We’re always open to new ideas, so if you have a good one, drop us a line on our contact page. If we use it, you’ll get a free T-shirt and honorable mention on our site. Please join us on Instagram and Facebook, We’ll be sending out special deals and you’ll know when a new design is released.

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“Designed by Drone Ops, for Drone Ops”